About thetempleofthemuse

I enjoy the beauty of children and their natural state of divinity. They are great teachers and bring hope and truth to my world. We run the Isian Temple of the Muse as well as a Lyceum of the Muse of Isis . This temple is open for all ages . We attune at 8 AM noon time-2 PM 8 PM and Midnight with the Fellowship of Isis and are part of the international prayer circle which meets every 13th of the Month at 7 PM to attune for balance and well being of the Planet and star nations. I am currently studying with Arisa Victor and the Jsaon Lotterhand Spoken Cabala work . I teach theater and Kindermusik as well as Tiny Tot Theater. We offer a youth program for the arts and also work as a networking agency for those who wish to study with members of alternative mediums on health, the arts and spirituality. The Temple of the Muse of Isis is a daughter Temple to the Temple of Isis. Our congregation are federal ministers of the United States; as well as all star nations. Our work at this temple is also dedicated to the work of Lauren Rain and the Sacred Masks of The Goddess Circle of Dancers and Shamans of the World. We welcome you to join us in the ways of Beauty , Truth, Wisdom as we experience our individual journeys home to the Divine Self. As stated by Jason Lotterhand 1989, Insofar as we become acquainted with this truth about ourselves we come to realize the Divine Presence in our lives. When this happens we can rest on the bosom of THE Eternal Being , All our studies and all our meditations bring us to a clearer vision of the Divine Self whose creations we are. Once we establish this awareness, we can proceed along our own individual paths of purpose and expression. Freed from delusions concerning what life is all about. we can concentrate our efforts on being our own true selves successful members of the Divine Path." Jason Lotterhand, Mill Valley , California 1989 May the words I share on these pages of this blog bring you closer to your path and your journey home to your Divine Self. Mana Youngbear

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